Founded as a partnership in 1888 by visionary brothers Bernardo, José and Constantino Fernández, B. Fernández & Hnos, Inc. has always been about progressive attitude, state-of-the-art distribution, quality products and the passionate commitment of the men and women who market and distribute them.From its inception as B. Fernández & Hnos., Sucesores, a wholesaler of commodities, the partnership was an aggressive and innovative leader in the distribution market and within the very first decade of operations, it began moving towards its current specialization in groceries and liquor.As the century unfolded, the market developed and became more complex. By the early 1920’s most wholesalers were competing with the same product lines and the market was controlled mainly by price. Committed to innovation, B. Fernández & Hnos. lead the change in market dynamics. The company began acquiring exclusive representation of brands and the process of building them in the consumers mind, spearheading the transformation of a commodities market to one based on brands and their perceived value.

Through hard work and shrewd management the company successfully survived the major roadblocks the Island’s economy faced in the following years: Hurricane Felipe, The Great Depression and Prohibition. It was during The Great Depression years that B. Fernández & Hnos., Inc. began building its enduring business association with the Kellogg Company, opening distribution channels for cereals, and with Anheuser-Busch, Inc. by distributing their bakery products. The company also began distributing Ivory salt. Other prestigious brands joined the company over the following years.

Growth was also spurred by the entry of such well-known brands as Pillsbury in 1963 and Progresso, along with liquors such as Pinch Scotch Whisky and Absolut Vodka.

Limited distribution of Budweiser beer began after Prohibition was repealed in 1933. Wide distribution of the U.S. beer leader began in 1979, soon becoming the leading beer in Puerto Rico.

In 1954 the family business began a new expansion attuned to the economic growth of the post war years. A decade later, this growth gained momentum, preparing the company for its accelerated expansion during the 1970’s and 1980’s.

In the late 1990’s, B. Fernández & Hnos., Inc. established a new growth strategy by acquiring manufacturing and distribution companies in the area of consumer-packaged goods. These product lines include Pan Pepín (bread) and Baguette, Inc. (pre-cooked bread).

The Company’s expansion has been fueled by a balanced combination of consistent growth of existing brands and strategic acquisitions. New acquisitions allow B. Fernández & Hnos., Inc. to penetrate new markets while expanding the product portfolio fuels growth by addressing the needs of new target audiences.

Today, B. Fernández & Hnos., Inc. is a corporation that retains the same traditions of excellence that characterized its founders: the feeling and atmosphere of a large family powered by strong and progressive business principles.


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