B. Fernández & Hnos. Group is a + $300M business conglomerate that holds together 5 different companies that include distribution operations (B. Fernández & Hnos., Inc.), manufacturing and distribution companies in the area of consumer-packaged goods, hotel properties and real estate ventures.

B. Fernández & Hnos., Inc. is committed to providing its shareholders the expected satisfaction and performance, while holding a high level of professionalism with our customers in order to be able to provide the Puerto Rican consumers the best alternative in price, quality and service.

Past generations left us a legacy of excellence and promoted social and moral values that have contributed to the development of B. Fernandez & Hnos., Inc. group of companies and that will consolidate and perpetuate the names of its founders for years to come.

We feel obliged to promote the professional capabilities of our employees and contribute to their full personal development. We believe this way, we create not only a more familiar environment for our employees but also we help promote a better quality of life through personal, familiar and professional satisfaction.

Personally, it gives me great satisfaction that the Board of Directors of B. Fernández & Hnos., Inc. has vested upon me the responsibility of leading this group of companies. I represent the fourth generation at a time where not only vision and capacity are required to identify growth opportunities but also establishing the proper procedures and activities to channel daily efforts into productive and efficient results. For this, I am proud to rely on a group of excellent professionals who are committed to fueling and maintaining B. Fernández & Hnos., Inc. growth for the next 100 years.


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