Social Responsability Program


The phrase "It's What We Do" perfectly sums up this ethos and testifies to the common desire of BFH employees to combine professional activity with social responsibility. At the heart of this nomenclature is an effort to instill a sense of pride in BFH employees and a declaration that social responsibility is not just a secondary mission, but an essential and integral part of the organizational structure. BFH strives to have its employees passionately declare, "Being socially responsible It’s What We Do at BFH".

Through strategic efforts to combat hunger and climate change, BFH aims to leave a positive legacy and contribute to the well-being of both local communities and the broader Puerto Rican society. Born out of the aspirations of our people, this journey is a pivotal chapter in the BFH story, one dedicated to leaving an indelible mark on Puerto Rico's socio-economic landscape.

OUR MISSION: Redifine how we fight hunger and the climate crisis in Puerto Rico by creating sustainable solutions.


In Puerto Rico, a whopping 48% of the population suffers from food insecurity. This is a harsh reality that highlights the urgency and importance of our mission. This statistic serves as both a rallying cry and a call to action that compels us to use our position as food and beverage distributors to create positive change. The It's What We Do program recognizes that food insecurity and hunger in Puerto Rico is not just a statistic, but a lived experience for a significant portion of the population including family members of our employees. With this strategic focus we aim to be the leading contributor, within our industry, on combating food insecurity and hunger in PR.


At the heart of our mission is a conscious effort to address challenges with sustainable solutions rather than traditional means. Considering the significant impact our business has on the environment, by the levels of CO2 we produce yearly, our yearly paper consumption, to name a few. We must recognize our influence and view sustainable practices not as a choice but as an ethical responsibility. With a strategic focus on sustainability, we aim to create the lowest carbon footprint in the distribution industry in PR.


An integral part of our mission is a desire to promote a sense of social responsibility among our employees and the broader community. Through education, engagement and role modeling, we want to convey our values ​​beyond the workplace. By encouraging socially responsible citizenship, we aim to contribute to a cultural change that recognizes the role of the individual in creating a positive social and environmental impact .