Social Responsability Program


From 1920 until today, we remain committed to our social responsibility program.

For B. Fernández & Hnos. it is essential to make an active and voluntary contribution aimed at the socio-economic improvement of our Island.

We created the B. Fernández Endowment Fund, which helps students seeking degrees in Business Administration and Communications at “Universidad Sagrado Corazón.”

We actively cooperate with the American Cancer Society, the Puerto Rico Museum of Art, and the Ponce Museum of Art.

We collaborate regularly and provide pet food to different animal rescue and shelter organizations throughout the island.

In collaboration with the Department of Education of Puerto Rico, we developed an Education and Awareness Program on the benefits and nutritional contributions of Kellogg's cereals. We delivered educational material to schools and gave food talks.

We are actively involved in providing students with work experiences through summer internship programs and regular semesters to explore their interests, develop professional skills and competencies.

When natural disasters hit, such as hurricanes, earthquakes, and now, a pandemic, we take action with initiatives that support the “Contigo en Cada Momento” (With you at all times) slogan.



For more than 15 years we have collaborated with the Banco de Alimentos de Puerto Rico to help alleviate hunger and respond to children & families in need. After Hurricane Maria, we joined forces with Kellogg’s Caribbean donating 1.5 million breakfast servings to the Food Bank of Puerto Rico. We visited around 20 shelters islandwide, impacting more than 1,600 families. We also gave food to needy communities in Vega Baja, Toa Baja, Morovis, among others.

We held a breakfast with our cereal characters, where we delivered more than 150 bags of Kellogg's products to the families of the Children of New Hope Center in Toa Baja.

Anheuser-Busch and B. Fernández & Hnos. delivered approximately 4,000 cases of emergency water to those affected.



B. Fernández & Hnos. assisted small merchants and restaurant owners through the Absolut for Puerto Rico campaign by Absolut Vodka. Part of this campaign created a website, to support and inform small businesses.


We prepared media kits that included products of a select group of micro-entrepreneurs. In addition to Absolut Puerto Rico edition, the kits contained local products such as a line of handmade soaps made in Ponce; Bien Cool, postcards with creative and original messages; Borikiki and Salón Boricua, both sticker brands with designs on T-shirts, mugs, and articles alluding to Puerto Rican slang.


Finally, as part of this effort, and to give them more exposure, ABSOLUT created a series of interviews conducted by the Puerto Rican actress and influencer, Didi Romero, published on Absolut Puerto's Facebook Page.

In addition to monetary contributions, we encourage our employees to give their time to charitable efforts.

In B. Fernández & Hnos. our commitment is and will continue to be to work hard for Puerto Rico.