Sales & Distribution


Today’s BFH Sales Organization is part of a long tradition of commitment to service, dependability, and professionalism that has characterized our company since its very beginnings, more than 130 years ago.

Every day, more than 200 BFH sales professionals apply their knowledge and understanding to excel on the competitive landscape of the categories in which we participate and the customers we serve. This with has one key objective: to develop and maximize the potential of the brands that we represent by executing excellence in the brand strategy at the store level.

In order to better reach and serve our customers, our sales force is organized on key specialized teams and a channel strategy that leverages the best technologies available. Customers with similar needs and business dynamics are structured together. All channels and teams are then divided according to geography. This Go-To-Market strategy optimizes our focus and allows for a better service to our customers.

The two main teams are:

• Modern Channel (Off-Trade): Includes all local and US customers, including chain supermarkets, US mass merchandisers, club stores, US chain drug stores, wholesalers, and military stores.

• Traditional Channel (On-Trade): Includes high-end restaurants, bars, pubs, liquor stores, convenience stores, small independents, “colmados” (small mom-&-pop), cafeterias and bakeries, among many others.

Our sales team and the BFH organization have excelled in its resilience and adaptability to the rapidly changing commercial environment, its challenges, and most importantly its opportunities. Our passion for developing brands and growing the business is what drives us.