• 1888

Three Spanish brothers, Bernardo, Jose, and Constantino, bought a grocery store and changed its name to “Casa de Comercio Bernardo Fernandez Gonzalez.”

  • 1902

The three brothers established a regular trading company under the name B. Fernandez & Hnos. devoted to the sale of provisions, vegetables, and livestock food.

  • 1917

With Bernardo living in Spain and the other two brothers dead, Don Cecilio Morán Rodríguez, their executor, becomes President. A man of great vision, Cecilio Morán, understood that its future depended on the exclusive distribution of top-quality products. Thus, incorporated strategies oriented towards groceries and spirits’ specialization.

The company obtained exclusive representation of brands like Kellogg Ready-to-Eat Cereals, Gold Medal Flour, Octagon Domino sugar, and Colgate house cleaning products.