Warehouse & Logistics

• Warehouse and distribution •

B. Fernández y Hnos. Inc. is the exclusive distributor of more than 150 brands, positioning them among the leaders in their respective categories.

We are proud to provide the best warehousing and delivery services to all clients in the Puerto Rico market. From supermarket chains, club stores, pharmacies, convenience stores to "grocery stores". We are committed to providing a personalized or special service arrangement to meet specific business requirements to more than 5,000 clients, whom we serve within the island. We offer efficient and profitable warehousing and delivery operations. Our goal is not only to add value to the brands we represent but also to our clients' businesses.

To support our business strategies, we have a 240,000-square-foot dry warehouse and 25,450-square-foot cold storage and manage a portfolio of 4,000 items. Both facilities are equipped with the best warehouse management systems along with excellent, customer-oriented operations human resources.


B. Fernández & Hnos. has a full-service Procurement and Planning department, with top-quality staff to ensure product availability. We use the latest sales projection technology and provide business intelligence to the commercial team (Sales and Marketing Departments). Specific business activities are planned along with inventory and replenishment activities to achieve a 98% service level while looking at the best inventory investment strategy.

• Traffic & Logistics •

We transport around 4,000 containers around the island, coming from various countries. Our traffic and logistics staff organizes or supports most transportation arrangements (INCOTERMS) from the points of origin to our facilities, and then returns the empty equipment back to the port. Our Logistics Department provides the most accurate cargo line tracking information to our sales and operational team. Our mission is to provide the latest and most accurate inbound tracking information, ensuring timely product arrival to support B. Fernández's business strategies.